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My favourite bookstore

Right, before I start, I have to tell you honestly that I am an affiliate, so a very, veryyyyyy small portion of anything you buy through here will come to me, but from an equally honest angle, I love this site…a lot.

I first came across the Book Depository site in the UK,when someone pointed out the fact that you can watch people buy books all around the world…live. It’s pretty cool. Go onto the homepage and click the ‘watch people shop’ link. Perhaps you think it’s dorky, I think it’s awesome.

I won’t waste your time, but this is what’s cool about the site:

  1. The prices almost always better than other sites and if they’re not…work it out with delivery costs, as Book Depo has free delivery.
  2. As aforementioned, they have free worldwide delivery, which came into great use when I moved back to South Africa.
  3. You can get loads of books for under R50. I often top up my sales with little Calvin & Hobbes collections and the like.
  4. Sometimes you have to wait a little for delivery in SA (7-10 working days, I think), but it’s worth it, as they always arrive pristine.

I only buy my books through Book Depository…or the second hand book dealer at my local market, which is why I felt comfortable becoming an affiliate.  Anyhoo, here’s the site, visit it. It’s worth it (regardless of the fact that it makes me money, well…kind of).
Oh, and there’s an AWESOME brain teasing/thinking competition. Click the link below and then go to the competitions section (I’d link directly, but my HTML is playing havoc and it’s too early on a Monday morning).


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