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The terrible text

So Mr From a Lesbian texted me this morning (sms for the saffas). I find some black humour in the fact that when he texted, I was in the midst of a made-up scenario that included me in ninja-wear, him in agony and whole bunch of surveillance equipment (which I had used to track the sneaky bugger down…and find proof that he has my cat).

Said text:

“hey girl im so sorry about sadow. f*king hart broken after all this time.”

This was after many texts and calls from me, begging for him to call me back with his Gran’s number, so I could contact her and find out more, which he’d promised to send. I hadn’t heard back from him until this morning. I wonder if he read this blog (he’s on my FB list after all) and knows it’s been suggested I take legal action… I doubt it though.

After my attack of the short fuse, I know he’s more wary of me, so perhaps that’s why he contacted.

But why don’t I believe him? I would much rather believe him, than have this sinking doubt that keeps me up at nights….and not to mention the rage. It ebbs and flows and I resemble a melodramatic schizo.

I joke, but it’s not funny. So I responded, in a rather curt way, asking for his Gran’s number again, so I could contact the nearest shelters. His response was:

“You think i hvnt done that…and sorry I cnt give her extra stress.hope you understand. ill find her” (please note, the cretin’s spelling, not mine).

He won’t find her. He’s lying. Even if I were to take all my emotions out of the equation, logic says he’s so far from the truth it no longer has meaning – there are too many variances. I’ve never been good with logic, it fails me almost daily, but this time, I’m certain.

Firstly, he moves to Durban, apparently has two places, one with the cat, one that’s not pet-friendly. Then, the cat’s in Harrismith with his Gran. I can pick the cat up first of September. He then refuses to answer my repeated calls. Eventually, nearly a month later, he tells me she’s been missing for ages….then tells me missing for a week. Then somehow forgets he told me she’s at his Gran’s. And now he won’t give me said Gran’s number, so I can call the shelters around there.

Am I wrong, or does this not add up? (I’m not so good at maths either).


Side note: for those that don’t know the story, 1st post and 2nd post.


Update: Dear Mr From a Lesbian – I Hate You.

Quick update: I called Mr From a Lesbian again.

He answered, as he was obviously caught off-guard (I woke him up).

I waited, asked neutral greeting questions, until I could prove his signal was fine. When he realised who it was, he started lying.

Blatantly umming and ahhing – saying my cat is missing (for ages, he says), when I ask him for details on how long, I get a week. Then I ask him how his Gran’s dealt with it – he stumbles. She’s obviously not with his gran – he’d forgotten he’d told me that.

I kind of lost my temper with him. He was lying. I don’t think he has her anymore. If I were to bet on anything, I’d say he gave her away or abandoned her when he moved to Durbs. I told him to tell me when I call to get his Gran’s number. He said tonight.

He won’t answer, but hey, I’ll still call. Again and again and again. I probably shouldn’t have lost my temper, but I can’t help it. And I truly believe now that he doesn’t have her 😦

PS. If you subscribe to my blog, never fear, these melodramatic updates won’t continue. I promise to perk up and vent about normal stuff, like Infernal. In fact, I have one such vent ready. Oh and the elephant (not mammoth) is the subscribe button. I’ll beg for you to subscribe at a later date, when I haven’t a heavy heart and anger churning in my soul.

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