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Bear with me…

Two posts in one day? I know, you’re ready to unfollow me, but bear with me. I’ve not started drinking yet and blogging quells my homicidal tendencies.

Each of us has a quote, proverb or lesson that we’ve been taught, that, in contrast to the platitudes we’re faced with every day, actually stick with us and, perhaps, teach us something.

I know many people would advise against posting this here, but I fully believe in transparency and, regardless, there’s no link from my site to here, only from here to my site, so I should be safe.

My parents have taught me much, but one point stands out today above the rest.

They taught me that when you run a business, you’ll come face-to-face with some downright nasty, rude people. I  have worse terms, but perhaps these base and simple words are more appropriate for the simpletons I’m referring to. People who send hateful, insulting and threatening emails in response to marketing or even quotations.

You are bound to get an email with a gazillion exclamation marks, at least once a month.

They taught me to not just expect this and accept it, but to realise that these people obviously are making little money themselves, as they have the time compose such a long and hate-filled email.

Firstly, let’s realise that we’re all fighting for our own success, if someone’s taken the initiative, we’re not trying to send viruses your way, orinsist you buy our products, ignoring an email hurts no one, but responding in a vile, disgusting way does.

They taught me to pity the people who have the time to compose such nonsense, as, not only are they deeply unhappy people, but they’re also people who have nothing else to do and are, quite possibly, without work.

However, sometimes complaints are just so absurd that I struggle to respond. I have just received an email berating me for charging people for setting up Facebook & Twitter profiles for them, as they are already free services.

Apparently, I’m merely trying to con old people out of their money, by getting them to do all the work and still charging them for what is already a free service. My services have absolutely nothing to do with Social Media Marketing, Corporate Marketing Strategies, Design, HTML, FMBL SEO, an understanding of user activity and preference and much more. I am merely conning people out of their money.

So, dear readers, please send me money and I’ll send you the link where you can set up yourOwn Personal Facebook Profile and I’ll maybe walk you through the hard work…if I feel like it.

So, the next time you want to bitch at a company, do so, but remember, there’s a good chance there’s actually a person behind that email address.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t fall into the wrong lap, but if it does, I don’t suppose I’ll lose anything…



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