It may get hairy…


Simple answer: Me.

Ok, so I’ve decided to update this (thanks for the motivation Goose), but like only a little, not a lot, get it? Don’t expect my life story.

Right ho, so I’m officially 28, living in a dead end town (of my choice) and single. Yes, I am the proverbial Bridget Jones genre of woman, who cuddles up with her cats at night, pervs over Dean from Supernatural, has a glass or three of wine and, occasionally, may sing along to a few out-of-tune songs if she’s well pissed.

The difference? I’m pretty happy this way. No one dreams of being single, but at the moment, I’m alright with it. Oh, some background on perhaps why I am where I am and not going insane:

Had a boyfriend, 4.5 years. Woke up one day, at a funeral, to realise I was having a ball, something I’d not done in a long time. My family puts the ‘fun’ back into funeral, but I realised I hadn’t had fun in months, not specifically at a funeral, and I also realised that we were too different – I wanted adventure, he wanted the white picket fence (and boerbull). No hard feelings, still adore him, but all turns to dust, I move to the UK for 1.5 years.

I had a ball there. Finally living for myself and risking all sorts of ridiculous things (like my current credit record), spent 2 amazing months in Ireland, moved back to London, worked a bit for a psycho for two weeks, a not so psycho for 3 months, a solicitor (who loved to break the law) for another 3 months and eventually a rather large law firm that were fabulous.

I met some amazing people in London and cemented what I hope will be life-long friendships with some. Funny enough, I came out admiring the South Africans and Italians above all else, possibly because I lived with some amazing guys from Rome and my friends down the streets were Saffas.

Last but not least, in December 2010, I raided Europe on my tod, got stuck in Strasbourg thanks to snow and found it to be the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been (crap, crap, crap food though). Found some random stragglers in Prague like me: a Brazilian, a South Korean and a Malaysian. We traveled Prague a bit, had a lot of fun, got drunk on next to no money and then lost the Brazilian. We still keep in contact.

I came back to South Africa because I always intended to. It is my home and I love it. There is no place better. I, however, was a tart and actually got a normal job as a journalist working for normal psychopaths. Cue the bleeding ulcer, a collection of great journalists, colleagues and friends who all hate the establishment and the eventual realisation that I can’t do this shit.

So I upped, moved to where I knew life was experienced, rather than coasted – the South Coast. To sum it up, I’m close to my folks, my 83 year old grandfather, I live on my own, in a town where no one between the ages of 22 and 49 seems to exist, I have a 180 degree sea view, two awesome but impossible cats (Axl & Slash), own my own Social Media company and I’m happy.

F*ck me, I did tell you my life story.

Oh, and this is me.

Cousin IT

Ok, no seriously…

Right, I’ll try again

As you can see, I’m not very good at posing seriously for a camera. This is as good as you’ll get.

Ummm…just realised I didn’t tell you my name. It’s Sez, that’s all you’re getting. Anything else could make me lose clients 😉


Comments on: "Who?" (8)

  1. Benoni Goose said:

    Absolutely Love it…learned alot about you…and now I know why you are where you are…Awesome!


  2. Thanks, Goose! As with yours. Glad you motivated me to do a new one. The copy & paste crap was a tad boring. I want to do some more pages, but, for the life of me, can’t think of any.


  3. Oi, Sez, speaking of living in a dead town, I’m going be in your neck of the woods pretty soon… Well almost. I’m going to be in DBN (about 5KM from the harbour on South Beech) With 0 Transport, Was thinking we should hook up for a drink. Was thinking Joe Cool’s on the Beach, will be walking distance for me (one hell of a long walk but still – the joys of flying in)


    • Holy cow, my neck of the woods? Try nearly an hour 😉 It’s cool, sounds like a plan anyhoo. When are you here? I’m in Jozi on from the 16th-18th March, but only free on the 17th 🙂


      • I’ll be there april 21 to may 5, and an hour is a lot closer than 6 😛 i’m free the 17th if ya wana meet up for a vino or several, ooh and then you can view the new house 🙂


      • I rate I’m going to have a load of people to see on the 17th, as the 16th and 18th belong only to Kirsty, Nolls and Kat (as they paid for my ticket…how do I love them, let me count the ways), so the 17th is my only free day. Thinking of having a party or something, or just having loads of ppl meet up at one place. Re. 21 Apr-5 May, you’re on, definitely sounds like a plan 🙂


  4. Cool about page, I like you lots. Especially since I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you.


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