It may get hairy…

We’re all aware that in the desperate process of trying to be unique and original, we become sheep.

Take Emos: Their lives are an endless fight against the crowd, the normal, feeling sorry for themselves, having a good ol’ suicide chat and vehemently hating the world and most of all, themselves.

In my day we called them Goths, they just didn’t have floppy girl-hair.

In some way, we’re all sheep. The pseudo-intellectual has something going for them, thinking out of the box…but they never seem to stop and enjoy life (how many of these do we know?). The narcissistic actor/journalist/presenter that does nothing but tell the world how amazing they are, through what they incorrectly assume are subtle techniques. And then there are those of us who desperately don’t want to grow up, they still want to keep going against the flow.

That’s me. I’ve always thought finances overrated. If we could go back to bartering days, I’d be as happy as a pig in poo. I’d trade poetry for potatoes and enjoy every moment of my life. I started my own business, not because I didn’t want to make money for someone else, but because each day, travelling back and forth to work, a sharp thought twisted and plunged:  So this is how we humans decided to spend our lives? Bugger that.

The bigger picture is a curse. I could be happily working in some investment (okay, I’m fucking terrible with numbers) media company, working my way up, meeting people, meeting someone, settling down and living my ‘life.’ I don’t judge people like that, I envy them.

Now my company is a year old, I’m going on 30, my friends have all risen high up in their respective companies and are raking it in. They’re no longer getting  married, they are married, or they’re getting divorced. They’re on their 2nd and 3rd child. They’ve bought houses, sold houses, bought and sold cars (I’ve bought one, but was saved the ‘selling’ bit by a friendly security company turning my little Uno into scrap metal), they’ve been given promotion after promotion and almost all of them have a pension.

I’m not doing badly, I’m earning more than I did in my last salary, which wasn’t bad, and this is after only a year of being in business. I’m pretty darned proud of myself, but I’ve started to realise that I have no investment, apart from my car. If something should happen, I’m screwed.

So now I find myself considering buying property. The thought scares the bejesus out of me. How grown up is that? Owning something as big as a tiny flat? Probably another copy & paste job? Only because I want some form of safety net. I’d do it wisely, keep a cheap ass rental for me and rent out the bought flat for an exorbitant amount of money that only barely covers the monthly installments.  I spoke to a bond guy, and I need to earn slightly more to apply for a bond. It’s easily done, I only need to make one more monthly sale.

But I don’t want to. I’m happy earning what I’m earning. I’m happy clinging desperately to my youth. I’m happy being transient and not being responsible.

This sucks.

So, my little sheep friends, what made you grow up and how hard did you fight it?


Comments on: "Poetry for potatoes" (6)

  1. I have yet to fully grow up, and face a number of problems as a result. But I do think it’s a mistake to lump the breeders among the ‘grown up’. Any old lifeform can reproduce, it’s nothing to be proud of, but it takes quite a lot of maturity and intelligence to recognise the threat of making overpopulation worse and taking steps to avoid that.


  2. I’m a complete chop, I kept thinking I responded to this.

    Yes, you’re right, ‘breeders’ (as you call them) aren’t necessarily grown up, in fact I know a lot that need a wake up call, but I also don’t they’re necessarily the opposite.

    I would like to be a ‘breeder’ one day and I will await your criticism on the day that I announce my imminent arrival (here’s hoping). You are right that we have a major problem with overpopulation and we should be aware of that, but by having a child you’re not automatically immature because you’re ignoring this, you have just prioritized differently.

    Selfish, perhaps, but not immature 😉 The only thing that could come between me having a child is physical problems, but I can tell you honestly, there is nothing I fear more than not being able to bear a child (just one, mind you).

    So, in conclusion, overpopulation sucks, but I want to add to it one day 🙂


  3. Jacqui Huxham said:

    Well I am old with kids et al, but still somehow not grown up. I look at other people my age with their spotless homes, servants, immaculate hair, credit cards, dinner parties and think, “Gosh , how grown up, how do they do it? ” There was a time back in my 20s when I thought one day I would wake up and be a grown up, but I’ve kinda realised some of us are just not cut out to be grown ups and I know I am just doomed to age, not mature.


    • Since writing this blog, I’ve had quite a few changes in my life and my ‘growing-up’ is going to have to wait.

      I agree with you and I’m pretty sure I fit right into that bill (says the woman desperate to buy a house that can/will never have any water flowing into it). I don’t think I’ll grow up either. My friends are all raking the cash in, driving swanky cars, have bonds, have children (but I want that and, as both Sham and you point out, it doesn’t mean that we’re grown up), and have white picket fences (but more often copy & paste houses).

      You and I? We live in two of the most beautiful places in the world. We wake up every morning to the birds singing and feeling the wind (in my case) and snow (in your case) on our faces and we can actually experience life. If that’s the price of not growing up… I’m happy to pay it 🙂


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