It may get hairy…

Last night, I donned my Christmas hat, got out my wine and unpacked all the Christmas decorations.

I’d like to place an emphasis on ‘all.’ Let’s remember that I’ve been away for nigh on two years and have had no decorations throughout that time, so I looked forward to coming back, calmly putting up the lights and decorations and moving on.

So I put up my tree and unpacked my decorations. The result was this:

In case you were wondering, all those things around the lamp are lights. All the things on the coffee table are lights. I have, I think, 12 sets of working lights.

Can someone please tell me what the fuck I’m supposed to do with them?

I’m not good when given choices. Set me on my way with one route and I’ll go that way (as long as I have the illusion of freedom). Don’t give me 12 sets of lights! It took me roughly 45 minutes just to decide which ones to put on the tree.

I put them all on. Checked them. Moved them. Nudged them into symmetry (OCD). And then decided they sucked. So replaced the coloured lights with another set. Then added the original set. Then realised it was too crowded and took the new set off.

Last night, I started at about 7pm and ended at 11pm. Not drunk, because I was too busy faffing with bloody lights to drink. I managed to put up a wreath (very pretty, I must say, even if done over the monkey/kitten mesh), put up my tree and put the lights on said tree. That’s it. There are no baubles. There are two pieces of tinsel on the tree. Nothing else.

And this morning I woke up, looked at the tree and thought ‘Fuck it, we’ll have to start again.’

Does anyone else have this kind of OCD or is it just little ol’ me?

On that note, the baubles come next.

“Rest ye merry gentlemen” my arse…

Side note: Four stockings. There is one person in this house. My folks have their own. What was I thinking? About 10 random wall hanging things. Seriously? Old Sez, what the hell were you thinking? Tacky much? A packet of Reindeer Food…with, dear lord, two-year old chocolates in. Three or four decorative mini trees (wire and bead ones). 9 hats…although those are cool, if they survive the kittens. GARDEN decorations and outside lights that no longer work.

Comments on: "“It’s beginning to look a lot like”….a lot of bloody work" (2)

  1. Benoni Goose said:

    Oh Sez…how funny is this…the post I was referring to in my blog was your Top 10…I hadnt even read this one! I am having such a chuckle now!

    As for my tree, well I sort of dont have to worry about it…you see…Ill be at the Coast(yes, the South Coast so we have to hook up!) and my mother undoubtedly has a tree there and my ex will have a tree at his place as well….bullet dodged 😉

    You also have a fantastic time and a fabulous Christmas!

    Your Arch Enemy Always,


    • Oh, that’s brilliant! Yes, we must hook up. Message me to tell me where you’ll be 😀

      Re. Your post, I wasn’t sure if you’d read this one or not. I tell you, I nearly turned Grinch (or is it Goose?) myself.

      You’re lucky. I’m in the midst of baubling the place now. I have two cats who have put ribbon EVERYWHERE. I mean as in trailing from the spare room to the lounge and I’ve ready to pull my hair out 😀 Grinch all the way 😀


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