It may get hairy…

So I’ve been told I should blog about what’s happened. If anything, just to feel better and in part to publicly accuse a man guilty of animal neglect, which amounts to abuse.

I’m not sure what to write, to be honest. So, instead of stuffing meaningless words into a post, for once I’ll just tell you the facts as I know them.

To protect myself legally, although I’m not sure if it helps, these facts are hearsay. I haven’t any proof other than emails I received from people who benefit in no way from lying to me. Thus, I believe them.

Today I was informed that we don’t know how Shadow is or whether or not she was put down. We will never know.

It turns out that Jacques van Dyk took Shadow, a beautiful, healthy 4 year old cat when he broke up with his fiancé. He prohibited her from taking the cats, which included her own Persians and Shadow. By this stage, Niblet had passed away a happy cat  (for that I am forever indebted to his fiancé).

From what I understand, the fiancé kept in touch with their landlady in order to check upon the cats. Up until she received a call from the landlady, the cats were healthy. The call was to find out whether the fiancé knew where Jacques was, as he had apparently packed up and left in the middle of the night.

Leaving all the cats locked in the house with no food.

The cats were alive and alright when the landlady found them. The fiancé asked that the landlady wait until she got there, to take the cats somewhere safe. The landlady didn’t wait and took Shadow and the rest of the cats to the SPCA.

From what I understand, this was well over a year go.

The bastard has been lying to me for well over a year. In hindsight, I knew he didn’t have her, but the audacity it took to agree to let me pick her up only a few months ago, is unforgivable.

The neglect of animals who are in your care is unforgivable.

Abandoning them, locking them up in a house and leaving them with no food is abuse and is punishable.

I shall be laying a claim of theft at the police station and shall take all email evidence (including emails and texts from Jacques proving that he had the animals at one stage and his subsequent lies after the fact) to animal rights organisations and the like. The police will also be informed the abuse.

This may not help, but hopefully it will help to scare him into taking care of animals that are in his possession and implied protection.

I am guilt-ridden and heart-broken and so will stop now. I hate myself for leaving her with him and wish I could take it back. If I hadn’t had abandoned my animals with strangers, this would never have happened.

For those who don’t know the story thus far:

Post 1,

Post 2

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He had the nerve to tell me he was heart-broken.



Comments on: "Animal abuse is punishable" (4)

  1. That is absolutely terrible. Don’t give up on making sure you follow through with the litigation. Those guilty of anima buse need to be punished harshly by the law.


    • Thank you, Dr Rayya (I hope I have that right).

      I will follow through, hopefully to get him to stop hurting/neglecting animals. It’s horrible. And maybe it will go some way towards making up for my part of the responsibility. I should never have left her.


  2. Benoni Goose said:

    Hey there, never punish yourself, if anything you trusted, which is an admirable quality in anyone. It is people that abuse this trust that should feel guilt and shame, although honestly I dont think they do.


  3. Hey Goose,

    Thank you so much. I think I will always feel like I shouldn’t have left them full stop. I know my ex probably feels the same way now, as he has responded me to telling him what happened. I wish that I could do something to turn back time (has hideously cliche as that is), but I can’t. I

    I know he doesn’t feel guilt or shame. He’s responded telling me he treated them well. If you ignore my new evidence, he’s still a heartless twat, as he’s lied to me repeatedly and deleted all my previous posts begging for information on her whereabouts.

    He feels nothing. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that he doesn’t hurt another animal.


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