It may get hairy…

Right, so I have to get guns n’ roses* (aka kittens) tonight…. and move them in under the cover of darkness.

This already proved difficult, as we know traveling kittens rival the sound of mating foxes. I had hoped to sneak them in at night, when the ol’ buggers are in their nighties (I live between an old couple and an old woman). I’m not allowed the kittens until 26 November, as the dogs are moving out then, but neither the caretakers (aforementioned ol’ buggery couple, who are actually quite nice) or the ol’ lady (who is lovely and the epitome of a lovely ol’ gran) know this.

The owners live in Pta and are just as ol’ as the aforementioned ol’ buggers (and just as lovely, it seems), so I had little doubt that they’d find out about the Guns unless I let the other couples see them.

Today, we have a problem. It has been announced that Friday they come to visit. The owners, that is, not the Guns, they’re in tonight. Apparently, the owners’ usual stint is a one week stay.

How in the bleeding hell am I going to keep two kittens quiet and hidden for a week? Apart from taping down the curtains, so two little heads don’t come peeking out at the drive way, and putting them in the most soundproof room (meaning I sound proofed my room as much as possible – not having them sleeping elsewhere!), I’m thwarted.

Bugger, bugger, bugger.


*Their names will most probably be Axl and Slash. However, I need to confirm that with them first.


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