It may get hairy…

They’re mine!!! All mine [please insert demonic laugh here].

Right, jokes aside, I called the lady. Everyone else wants to separate the cats and/or have homicidal dogs, so they’re all out, except for me. I’m visiting them on Friday for the first time. I move in to the new place on Monday and will then start scoping it out, to see when I can sneak two little kittens in, without anyone noticing.

Technically, I’m not allowed to move them in until the 26th – Dogs. However, the dogs move out then, so they are allowing me cats after that date. My logic is that kittens need to stay inside for the first few weeks anyhow. I do hope I don’t get into trouble or disappoint the lovely landlords (who live in Joburg) if anyone finds out.

Logically, I think two weeks is appropriate, but I’d prefer to have them earlier. Thoughts?

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