It may get hairy…

I need a quick vent before I go about making money and making my life worth something.

We all get affected by what others say and, perhaps my biggest flaw, I am often floored by something as trivial as a condescending comment. I take what others say way too personally and it quite often ruins my day and even my week (depending on the severity of the comment). I try my hardest not to act this way, but often can’t see past my own interpretation of said comment.

I do try hard and put my utmost into not being a sensitive little tart, so what I’d like to ask others is: “Please make an effort not to be a prick. If you’re not severely affected by what I say or what I do, if someone’s not going to die if you don’t figuratively rip my head off, if your life will continue to move on the way it did prior to my actions or words…then TRY NOT BE A PRICK.” You may not mean the venom that you spit my way and you may not personally despise me for what I say or do – if that’s the case, realise that when you act like that, I start to despise you.

Okes, if your life doesn’t depend on it and you won’t hate me forever for what I say or do, give calm, objective criticism if asked. Don’t go off like a pmsing bull, because I assure you. I can do worse.

Free charging bull phone wallpaper by thejojo
(Side note: angry venomous statuses [hideous plural] have a similar effect. Calm, objective criticism is at least listened to. If you status includes over three exclamation marks, I will either ignore it or instantly be offended by your implied anger. This is the internet. We don’t shout. We type. Grow a pair and start to act like an adult.)

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  1. Side note 2: Yes, I realise I’m a hypocrite when I tell people not to shout, after using capitals in my post. My bad.


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