It may get hairy…

So, my not-so-nasty text had adverse results.

I sent the text and had a lovely reply back from Infernal, apologising and saying he’ll sort the problem out. He did. There was no noise this morning, but apparently he felt he had to out-do himself one more time.

The plonker rocked up, underneath my cardboard box, with Religious Fervour, at 9.30pm and started what could only have been a full-scale riot. I thank whatever gods may be* that I’m not an early sleeper, else they’d have had a half-naked, zombified lunatic accosting them…which would have probably ended in some form of legal action. It turned out that we were riot free, but they were moving innocuous furniture from one side of the husk to the other. I ask you… what’s the point?

It must be a ploy to take my sanity.


Comments on: "Infernal fires up" (2)

  1. Benoni Goose said:

    Hi Sez
    I feel for you! As loud and hooliganised I am I also tend to be too nice when it comes to these things, and its no a bad thing, well most of the time anyway. It means we have hearts. Perhaps a large signboard with the choice words of :Shut the (expletive) Up! would help?

    Good luck and as they sa in Star Wars “May the force be with you”.


  2. Oh I love that idea! The sign is a brilliant plan.

    Especially considering that at 6.30am this morning, a resident in the complex started screaming (and I mean screaming) at the gardener for moving her washing machine. Not entirely sure why the gardener is in charge of her washing machine, but I wasn’t a happy chappy…


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