It may get hairy…

Quick update: I called Mr From a Lesbian again.

He answered, as he was obviously caught off-guard (I woke him up).

I waited, asked neutral greeting questions, until I could prove his signal was fine. When he realised who it was, he started lying.

Blatantly umming and ahhing – saying my cat is missing (for ages, he says), when I ask him for details on how long, I get a week. Then I ask him how his Gran’s dealt with it – he stumbles. She’s obviously not with his gran – he’d forgotten he’d told me that.

I kind of lost my temper with him. He was lying. I don’t think he has her anymore. If I were to bet on anything, I’d say he gave her away or abandoned her when he moved to Durbs. I told him to tell me when I call to get his Gran’s number. He said tonight.

He won’t answer, but hey, I’ll still call. Again and again and again. I probably shouldn’t have lost my temper, but I can’t help it. And I truly believe now that he doesn’t have her 😦

PS. If you subscribe to my blog, never fear, these melodramatic updates won’t continue. I promise to perk up and vent about normal stuff, like Infernal. In fact, I have one such vent ready. Oh and the elephant (not mammoth) is the subscribe button. I’ll beg for you to subscribe at a later date, when I haven’t a heavy heart and anger churning in my soul.

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